Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Okinawa Dreams Ok back in print

The Ryukyu archipelago, better known as Okinawa has many nicknames: island paradise, prostitute daughter, internal colony, breakwater, keystone of the Pacific and home of the gods. For most of this century its people have had no voice, suffering tragedy and indignity. The most militarised community on the planet is now speaking out, saying no, wanting more. Okinawa Dreams OK is a unique collection of the voices and views of Okinawans, and those of the military who dominate their lives, in their own words. Free-traders, radical landowners, business tycoons, beachcombers, conservative politicians, karate masters, singers, comedians, independent filmmakers and just plain folk all want something they know they can get. Because they’ve already had it: their own freedom and independence.

One of the best books on contemporary Okinawa is back in print (available as an e-book as well) on demand, available from